Listen to the right voice.

I worry about my art because there are voices in my head telling me lies.  The voices have faces.  The faces had tenure positions at an art school.

In fairness, I did have a drawing/painting instructor that was fantastic.  To this day he does good work (even in retirement) and takes the time to acknowledge his old students.  He can’t help but to continue to teach & encourage.  I think it is just the way he is wired.

But these other voices; they are always talking.

“You should have a consistent body of work.”

Don’t explore different media without an end goal in mind”

Or the worst yet, the cold gaze upon the work without comment, criticism or encouragement; it’s as if these voices can take over my eyes some times and just stare at my work with contempt.

Like ghosts that I refuse to let haunt me; I hear these voices and let the sound pass by.  I still feel the effects of the voices but I create what I please despite them.

I work on the things that I feel drawn to and create in different media; all things help round out a vision that I can’t yet see.  That’s the way I work.

My voice speaks my truth into the noise, “I have to create.  I'll do it the way I want or I'll resent the work like these other A-holes.”